5 Easy Smart SEO Tricks to enhance Content and Link-Building Efforts

Smart SEO Tricks

While we know that Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so as it would come on top of the search engine results. So as SEOs across the globe keeps gearing themselves up for the continuous changing Google algorithms and updates, there are few tricks and techniques that you can bring in use to keep your website up and ranking on top for a longer period of time.

Scanning Broken Links

While we know that Broken Links impacts the SEO process big time in a negative manner, it’s a proven fact that if there are dead or broken links on your website, it would avoid all the search engine spiders to further crawl and rank your website in the search list. Meanwhile certain websites gets discontinued or change ownership in due time and while their owners sometimes forget to clear or remove the links for the same, these dead or broken links would act as a barrier for the organic traffic to come over. You can scan your website for broken links here brokenlinkcheck.com.

Updating Meta Description

Meta description is a snippet of up to 320 characters, a tag in HTML, which often works as a summary of the content pages. While Search engines showcase the Meta description in search results generally when the searched phrase is mentioned in the description. Meta description should be regularly reviewed and updated in all the pages of the website to get the desired result.

Responsive Design

When we talk about a Webpage, The terms ‘responsive’ and ‘mobile-friendly’ generally got the same logics i.e. to allow a user to view a certain webpage on his Desktop or Mobile without any issues like cut elements, blurry images, delayed page loading etc. As per the recent Google update, WebPages with the higher Response rate and better user interface would get more favorable treatment from the Search engine spiders. You can use this link to check the same for your mobile https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/

Internal Linking

In a SEO process, every website constitute of few internal and external links. While internal links connect pages and posts on your website, external links connect the same to other websites. Therefore it is required that you should scan your website’s internal links to make sure that all of them point towards the same destination at one step. The Page would then be ranked better by search engines in regards to a better user experience.

Enhanced Page speed

Page speed plays a vital role in pushing the website higher in Google rankings. While a slow page speed might result in making search engines to crawl less number of pages, this would also result in low indexing of the webpage. Moreover, the page speed plays a key role in the overall user experience online as it would enable a user to visit or reject a webpage in due course of time. Check Your Website Speed – https://tools.pingdom.com/

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