Google Releases Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator Tools to illustrate Importance of Mobile Page Speed

Consumers worldwide are looking forward to better and faster user experience is it on the web or mobile application but quite often their search gets hindered by the slow speed of the Mobile website or below standard user interface. Every one of us has been through that misery when it takes ages for a site to upload and shifting to another page is happening and that’s when we often decide to close the page and move to another site or app. Even a data by Google confirms the fact that most of the users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Just a few weeks Google has announced at a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, about introducing a mobile Speed Scorecard which is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to compare your mobile speed with other companies.
While the Speed Scorecard shows the speeds after analyzing thousands of sites from 12 countries across the globe, it is driven by Chrome User Experience Report which is the largest database of real-user latency data for how the web users rate the overall web experience over the internet.

What should be your plan of action then?

You don’t need to go anywhere to search for a solution as the solution lies within your web browser only. As per Google, they have introduced following few options to make you improve your Mobile Website:

Do check out the “Landing Pages” page in the new AdWords experience to check all the mobile-friendly URLs in your account, the one driving most of the sales, and the one needs to be monitored.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are so fast, they appear to load instantly. Today your Search campaigns can already drive clicks to these lightning fast pages. And, now, we’re actively working to expand support for shopping campaigns to ensure a faster and more seamless shopping experience for customers.

Later this year, AdWords will begin processing click measurement requests in the background so your customers won’t have to wait quite as long for your landing page to load. To ensure your campaigns are ready for parallel tracking, be sure to reach out to your third-party measurement provider and confirm they’re compatible or preparing for the change.
So now as you are geared up to increase your Mobile website’s speed, there’s still few “To Do” Things you got to take care of:

Hold a meeting with your company’s Mobile web development team and Monitor the issues hampering its speed and performance.
Check all the possible tricks and techniques to optimize your Mobile Website and start working towards it with immediate impact.

If you still want more updates and recommendations regarding the same, start working with your web development team to execute these user experience guidelines

If you still want some more information on the same, You can also learn more about the Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator Think with Google and find other helpful tools and best practices for speeding up.

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