SEO Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – How to Get Started

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a global Initiative with the sole motive of faster mobile websites. While this Initiative brings a new coding language (AMP HTML) on board, it works by restricting certain codes to increase the website upload speed and consistency. Though the project is only a few months old, it’s still getting all the support and attention from the publishers, technology providers and developers across the globe which includes renowned names like the BBC, Twitter, Adobe, New York Times, News Corp and Washington Post to name a few.

The Difference between a Normal page and an AMP page can clearly be seen as the AMP page loads much faster than the normal one, the difference might not be that visible to the naked eyes, but if someone focus a bit more on the same, it can be easily located and we can confirm that this AMP thing really makes an impact, allowing the page to load up to 85% faster than non-AMP pages.

How can AMP help your business?

While there are many benefits of AMP, there are few which the main ones are:

Faster Loading of Mobile pages

One of the main and biggest benefits of website pages developed with AMP is that web pages upload at a lightning speed on a mobile device – given that it was created for this purpose. Moreover, the studies show that people usually abandon sites which take more than 3 seconds to upload as such, businesses that adopt AMP could help to drive mobile abandonment rates down and increase conversions.

The boost in the search engine ranking

While mobile friendliness and page load speed times are well-known ranking factors, AMP solely plays a vital role in the same by giving it an extra push. As AMP greatly improves page loading times and mobile friendliness it is greatly possible that a website developed with AMP will get higher rankings in the Google search list and lower abandoned rates than the slow loading websites.

Increased visibility for your website

As the websites will upload in a much faster manner, there will be more visibility for your websites in general and that would attract more visitors with low abandoned rates which would increase the overall business and its growth.

Ads support

As AMP focus on supporting a range of ad networks, formats, and technologies. The main purpose is to display ads that are fast whilst giving a better look at the online content and grabbing more attention from the viewers. This should help advertisers to increase their influence and improve ROI on ad spend.

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