5 Types of Internal Links that Improve SEO & Conversions

Internal linking can be regarded as one of the major SEO processes in modern times and while most of the companies don’t give it ample importance, there are many around who do and achieve good results. Linking to another page within your website makes a better navigation experience for the visitors at your website and it will ultimately help you grow in your business.

While Internal linking is a simpler task, on-page optimization has become more vital than anything in SEO as Google now focus more on Content of the site rather than Link Building. Therefore, before applying link building in your SEO tactics, you must study and check the quality of content and also the website. Moreover, there are many ways to use link building to your own benefit. Some of them are as follows:

1. Products to Products Linking

Always ensure that your website pages are linked if the products and services in them are correlated. Even if you’re selling two completely different things with different prices or nature, to ensure that you will be given a reference in each of the sections for one another.

2. Linking product pages to category pages

Ensure putting a category link on every single one of your pages. As this will help distribute link equity around the site and can help your category pages rank for more generic keywords.

3. Linking of other Categories to Categories pages

While Category pages will already have better SEO than your product pages so they will be easily searchable. In that case, you should benefit from this by including internal links with the right keywords in the anchor text. The focus should be there on higher-volume keywords. Keyword rich anchor text isn’t a good ploy for your SEO strategy when you’re writing content and publishing it on a website; they are good to go when it comes to category pages.

4. Linking of blog content to categories and products

You got to focus on the fact that if a product page or category is appropriate enough it can be then linked to the related content, in case if you post the content. Companies tend to forget about this because they focus on linking content to content but you can’t forget about your category and product pages. After all, if you have optimized these pages then that means they will have a lot of great content included as well. Our SEO Services page is an example of a category page.

5. Linking of blog content to blog content

This is the most commonly used type of linking which is in use nowadays. More pages you going to add along with the content, more options you will get to make reference links on the same, as once you will start posting, you’ll start to find that you can always reference a “learn more here” to another piece of content. This is also one of the most used and easiest types of linking and something which is also get appreciated by Google.

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